.COM.DE Domains - Questions and Answers

Who is behind .COM.DE?

COM.DE Registry LLC is the owner of the second-level domain .COM.DE and works in partnership with CentralNic. CentralNic is responsible for the administration and operation of the second level domain .COM.DE.

What are the registration guidelines for .COM.DE domains?

The registration requirements for .COM.DE are extremely liberal and meet international best practice standards. There are almost no restrictions.

  • Anybody around the world can register .COM.DE domains.
  • There are no limits to the number of .COM.DE domains that may be registered.
  • Some domain names may not be available for registration due to legal or technical reasons.

Where can I register .COM.DE domains?

.COM.DE domains can be registered at selected registrars. As one of the first registrars to offer .COM.DE in its portfolio, InterNetX GmbH is considered a special partner of COM.DE Registry LLC.

What are the prices for .COM.DE domains?

Due to the combination of the successful TLDs .COM and .DE, .COM.DE is considered to be an especially attractive second-level domain with high market potential. The price for .COM.DE domains is set individually by each registrar.

You can find out more about prices and registry guidelines from our experts in the InterNetX domain service and sales teams. 

In which phases can I register 2-character domains?

Two-character .COM.DE domains can only be registered in the phases Sunrise and Landrush. For all other phases, domains must contain between 3 and 64 characters.

Do .DE domain owners get preference for .COM.DE registrations?

Owners of .DE domains that were registered on or before February 1, 2010, can register the corresponding .COM.DE domains during the .DE Owner Promotion phase, if the domains were not registered during the preceding launch phases (Sunrise, Landrush). Registrant and .COM.DE domain string must be identical to registrant and the string of the .DE domain.

In which launch phases can domain names go to auction?

Auctions take place when there is more than one rightful applicant with a correct and valid application for the same .COM.DE in the phases Sunrise, Landrush and .DE Owner Promotion.

How are .COM.DE auctions handled?

.COM.DE auctions are closed – which means that only qualified applicants are permitted to take part.

Is .COM.DE signed with DNSSEC?

.COM.DE is starting up with active DNSSEC. Registrants who to include the signature in their area, can forward the DS-Record information to the registry through their registrar, e.g. InterNetX.

Could DENIC eG interfere with .COM.DE?

No. DENIC eG has confirmed that the sale and marketing of .COM.DE does not infringe their general business terms and conditions.